We are redefining the boundaries of investment solutions to serve you. We can offer you:

Discretionary portfolio

We will work closely with you to identify your needs and deliver optimal portfolio, aligned to your goals and actively managed based on performance updates and reports. And if you have obligations or liabilities, we can design and execute ALM strategies that best suit you.

Regardless of your original investing currency, our portfolio management service is all encompassing; it embeds strategic and tactical management of any exposure to a major exchange risk.

You will have a dedicated investment manager.

Investment advisory

Optimise existing portfolio - we can review your existing portfolio(s) and offer you strategies to enhance returns without raising the current risk level.

Direct investment -we can offer you pre-screened investment opportunities, covering private equity and debt, real estate, and structured deals such as co-investments and joint ventures.

Your own ideas - we can evaluate your investment ideas to help you make decisions.

Investment execution

If you have specific investments you have decided to undertake, we can offer you our investment platform to execute.

With our platform, you can directly access local and foreign markets, covering fixed income, equities, CFDs, currencies, etc.

We will draw on our global network of partners to help execute any investment idea, anywhere in the world.

Customised solutions

If your business operating performance is highly susceptible to cyclical factors, we can create a tailored portfolio to take advantage of the cyclical factors, so that when your business performance is down your investment portfolio will be up.

If you have currency exposures, we can create an investment solutions to hedge your exposure and allow for smooth conversion from one currency to another.

Also, we can create investment solutions to help reduce your busniness financing costs.

It all begins with a conversation, discuss your needs with us and find out how we can help you

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